Performance Testing

Performance testing is an application testing approach that determines the stability, speed, scalability and responsiveness of an application under a given workload.


Types of Performance Tests


Stress Testing

Stress testing pushes an application beyond normal load conditions to determine which components fail first. Stress testing attempts to find the breaking point of the application to evaluate the robustness of the application’s data processing capabilities and response to high volumes of traffic.

Spike Testing

Spike testing evaluates your application’s ability to handle sudden volume increases. Increasing the load generated by a very large number of users determines whether performance will suffer, fail, or handle dramatic changes in load.


Load Testing

Load testing evaluates your application’s performance under increasingly high numbers of users. If the database and application server are also monitored, then this test can identify bottlenecks in the application.

Endurance Testing

Endurance testing evaluates the performance of the system under load over time. It is executed by applying varying loads to the application under test for an extended periods of time to validate that the performance requirements related to production loads and durations of those loads are met.


Flood Testing

Flood testing evaluates your application’s ability to handle large volumes of data by evaluating the impact on response time and application behavior. This testing identifies bottlenecks and determines your application’s capacity.

Scalability Testing

Scalability testing determines your application’s ability to handle increasing amounts of load and processing. measuring attributes including response time, throughput, hits and requests per second, transaction processing speed, CPU usage, network usage and more.


Benefits of Performance Testing

Locate computing bottlenecks within your application.

Improve your application’s optimization and load capability.

Measure your application’s stability under peak traffic events.

Measure the speed, accuracy and stability of your application.

Identify performance discrepancies and resolve application issues.

Why Choose Snap for Your Application’s Performance Testing?

It is vitally important to evaluate your application’s performance responsiveness and stability under workload and connectivity changes. Snap Automation lets you test the overall speed of your application under specific connectivity and environmental variables so you know how your application will perform in the real world.