Functional Testing

Functional Testing Reviews Every Aspect Of Your Application To Make Sure It Works Correctly. Your Goal With Functional Testing Is To Verify That Your Application Performs Exactly As Expected In Accordance With Your Specifications.

Types Of Functional Tests


Unit Testing

Unit testing starts at the beginning to assure that each function performs its intended purpose of accepting specified inputs and processing them into desired outputs.

Integration Testing

Integration testing evaluates multiple components of your application and tests them as a group to ensure modules connect as expected and meet your specifications.

Smoke Testing

Smoke testing evaluates critical functions to ensure your application works well enough to move on to more detailed functional or regression tests.

Sanity Testing

Sanity testing verifies minor changes and fixes to your application do not have unexpected side effects. When sanity tests fail, it is best to reject the application update and avoid the time and costs involved in more rigorous testing.


Regression Testing

Regression testing is vitally important to ensure new features and changes to your application do not impact previously developed features. You carefully select already executed test cases and execute those tests again to ensure your application’s existing functions continue to perform as expected.

User Acceptance Testing

As the last step before your application goes live, user acceptance tests ensure your application handles all required tasks in real-world scenarios based on your specifications.


Benefits Of Functional Testing

It Enhances Your Customer Satisfaction.

It Improves The Quality Of Your Application.

It Ensures You Meet Your Specified Requirements.

It Enables You To Deliver A Defect-Free Application.

It Ensures That Your Application Works As Expected.

The Risks And Losses Associated With Your Application Are Reduced.

It Ensures The Proper Working Of All The Functions Of Your Application.

Why Choose Snap For Your Application’s Functional Testing?

Validating that your application does what it is supposed to do is vitally important. It is never simple or easy, but with Snap Automation, your team has the power to test every function of your application.